Have you ever spent ten million hours of your life brainstorming what your dream house would look like in extreme detail? Like herringbone wood floors with floor to ceiling windows in an all white bedroom. A big linen canopy bed with too many pillows and french doors opening up to a porch facing the garden. Or a glass door fridge displaying all of the greens of fresh vegetables and fruits facing a big marble island with a farmhouse sink and a pot of bright purple orchids. Even a second floor laundry room with some fabulous printed wallpaper and big lucite shelves to keep all of the delicious smelling products organized. Yeah, you have? Us too.

When we created Miller Wendt, we knew that our office had to have a serious WOW factor. It needed to be a place we WANTED to spend 24/7 in. Something that fit the vibe of the brand, while also being functional and, of course, Instagram worthy. A place to have design meetings, bounce ideas of one another, get inspired, and occasionally have a glass of wine to celebrate a job well done.

We each browsed Pinterest and other blogs to find pics to inspire our space. One of the most fun parts about working all together is the way we combine our separate visions and develop something so unique that incorporates all of our ideas. We’re family with similar styles and goals, but we have all have an individual distinctive taste. We each took our top two offices to compare and see the common features that our dream space had. We decided a few things were imperative to have. Think giant cork boards with gold painted wood and hundreds of pictures, a massive dining table for meetings, and some comfy seating to relax in.

While were still in the process of creating our PERFECT office, we wanted to give you a little taste of our ideas and give you a little muse of your own ;)

SHERRY’S VIBE: Organization is key, tons of pictures, and always something pink. Everything always in its place for the most efficient workplace. Chic, yet practical.


LIZA’S VIBE: A fan of dark, mysterious, yet extremely glamorous rooms. Statement accessories like cool lighting or a big brass statute. Always inspired by Kate Moss and girl bosses in general.


MISSY’S VIBE: Enjoys the pop of a bright color and a lot of accessorizing. Loves a room bright enough to distract from a rainy day and loves feminine design.


ALI’S VIBE: Clean, fresh with a modern boho twist. Loves to be surrounded by good art with MW products on display. Also, always happy to have a place for snacks nearby.





Who is Miller Wendt?

Miller Wendt is a Family like most...We get you! We are Moms, Siblings and Cousins.

We have been wanting something for ourselves that we can throw on over our uniform of yoga pants and a tank...And pull off being presentable! Our Grandmothers, Hilda Miller and Frannie Wendt, always taught us about the Power of the Blazer. Now we are Believers! In the ever changing fashion world, we are lucky enough that style can now also mean comfort. We set out on a mission to create something that intertwined the two and could be worn in every aspect of life.

Our classic blazer is enough to impress your Grandma, while also making that guy walking down the street turn his head.

We are women (still feel like girls) who have jobs, go to yoga, enjoy cocktails, and support our kids through dozens of activities. Basically, life is too busy to always be "dressed."

This is why the MW family decided to give classic some comfort, and comfort some edge. Away with the sloppy hoodie and welcome to the comfy, relaxed blazer that still maintains that polished look.

Change your hoods, strings and pick your patches, because fashion should be fun, right?

Wear our athleisure blazer over your workout clothes, to that big Board Meeting (sans hood), in the school pickup line over your PJS (to stop all the funny looks) and all the way to Happy Hour with that guy that just swiped right.

Basically, just consider this your life's activity jacket.

Come join our MW family and make life simple.

G-d bless, love yourself, do not obsess. Live your life to not impress, and love your family to excess.